Uniquely J

Brand: Uniquely J
Retailer: Jet.com

Country: United States of America
Category: B1. New Brand
Agency: Elmwood

Think about the stuff you buy all the time. Olive oil. Paper towels. Sandwich bags. Sure, it gets the job done. But do you really love any of it?  Just because sandwich bags aren’t anything special doesn’t mean they can’t be — and that’s why we created Uniquely J. Because the everyday deserves an upgrade.  What’s unique about Uniquely J? We offer high quality at fair prices. We only give you good options — no trade-offs here. And we always find unexpected ways to wow you.

Every experience can be delightful, no matter how everyday it is — from brewing your morning coffee to cleaning up after that dinner party you finally threw. Uniquely J is all about making those moments of delight possible through truly special products.


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