Jumbo Spices

Brand: Jumbo
Retailer:Jumbo Supermarkten N.V.
Country: The Netherlands
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Od design studio

Jumbo has the ambition to offer an attractive range in every category. Herbs & Spices have been a domain for years in which brands and private labels compete for the customer’s favor. The design challenge now was to bring inspiration from the Jumbo brand.

Herbs and spices make eating more special. Especially because home cooking is facing a positive hype with dishes from all over the world. And this design with these physical packaging makes a simple countertop, a party-to-cook countertop. The metal canisters give you a higher-quality sense of cooking. Cans are traditionally the physical packaging for herbs & spices. And after years of being away, they are back again. And how.


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