65 - Daily Chef - RedesignBRONZE
Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Sam’s Club
Country: United States
Agency: Rouge 24, Inc.

Sam’s Club had several private label food brands, but the decision was made to consolidate the number of brands by creating appropriate sub-brands for the overall Daily Chef line. One of the challenges with the former Daily Chef design was that the logo lock-up box often times fell in the dead center of the packaging, and thus covering the beautiful food photography. Sam’s Club did not want a complete departure from the old look, but requested an updated design solution that would address the heavy use of black on the packaging and the logo placement. The new Daily Chef brand features a shield in the upper left when possible, and centered when space is limited. A color frame that matches the shield color is used to define the edges of the box. The photo direction on the new brand is lighter and usually features a utensil or a cue that this is food prep or a meal that’s about to begin. To solve the challenge of brand consolidation, Daily Chef also has a sub-brand called “Daily Chef Food Service” that replaces the old Bakers and Chefs brand and targets the professional end user. Daily Chef is the brand for all things food, food prep and kitchen (both home and commercial).

Vice President of Proprietary Brands, Sam’s Club: Paul Hunt
Senior Brand Manager, Sam’s Club: Rodrigo Dorantes
Senior Brand Manager, Sam’s Club: David Walker
President, Rouge 24: Ann Macdonald
Creative Director, Rouge 24: Michael Schmidt
Art Director, Rouge 24: Jennifer Palmer
Photography: OneKreate
Photography: Kritsada Panchigul

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