Category: New Brand
Retailer: Topco Associates LLC
Country: USA
Agency: Topco Creative Services

It’s midweek and you have no plan for dinner. Rather than eating out, bring the whole family back to the table with a hearty, healthy meal of, say, chicken alfredo – ready in 11 minutes.

@ease skillet dinners combine culinary cuisine with convenience, an objective that busy families can rally around. Everything is in the bag: pasta or rice, chicken or shrimp, gourmet sauce, and a healthy mix of vegetables. From freezer to stovetop to table, the entire family can be eating in less than 15 minutes. And the best part, it doesn’t have a rubbery microwave texture like other frozen meal packages.

The @ease logo’s simplicity – a bold, black square, teal accent color and large, easy-to-identify type – makes the product stand out behind the frosted glass of the freezer section. The colorful food photography, consuming most of the packaging, showcases the quality of the final product. The product line is tied together with a bright teal background, and bright color-coding distinguishes flavor choices.

Backside packaging clearly states ingredients, cooking instructions and nutrition facts.

From shrimp stir fry to garlic chicken, when you’ve got @ease on hand, you can rest assured knowing you have all the essentials to turn a midweek meal into a masterpiece.

Art Director: Shelbi Sturges
Designer: Kathy Kolba
Production: Neil Lorentzen
Photography: DeForest Studio
Food Stylist: Becky Roller

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