55 - Bowlmates - 2BRONZE
Bowl Mates by Petco
Category: New Brand
Retailer Petco and Unleashed by Petco
Country: USA
Agency: Petco Animal Supplies Inc. In-house

The BowlMates product line was designed to offer pet parents a colorful, customizable pet feeding solution to meet pet’s specific needs. The tonality of the brand is Fresh Perspective (reinventing the basics), Modern, Informative and Innovative.

What we were solving for:

  • system & ease of steps
  • solution copy: innovative/functional/emotional
  • color communication and size system (cups)

The overarching brand and packaging request was to create a cohesive design that easily communicates the unique customization of the products.

Size solution: Images on packaging change per product size (larger size products feature larger breed dogs, smaller size products feature smaller breed dogs). The specific dog image helps the customer easily match the products of the size they need. Cup capacity is illustrated clearly with an icon for bases and bowl inserts.

Brandmark: The logo was designed to illustrate the modern characteristics of the product, with the ‘o’ taking on the shape of a bowl, and the stacked logotype fitting perfectly together as “mates.”

Color System: The packaging system is built upon three distinct segments that organize the products by their inherent functional offering and help the customer shop the three steps. Each segment is expressed with its own color shift and descriptive “talk bubble” and on the packaging primary display panel.

Director of Brand Management & Communications: Karen Moyer

Communications Manager/Art Director: Lorena Rios
Graphic Designer/Packaging Designer: Lindsey Parker
Photography: Lindsey Parker, Mike Smith, Shutterstock

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