12 - Brigideria Tea - Hora-do-cha_2GOLD
Category: Beverages
Retailer: Brigaderia
Country: Brazil
Agency: Casa Rex

“Tea Time Collection” is a special range of tea blends developed by Brigaderia to harmonize with its selection of brigadeiros – a popular sweet in Brazil, very similar to chocolate truffles but made by mixing sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder together.

In each tea can, a whimsical old-style teapot comes to life and is ready to serve – announcing its respective tea flavor. Its vintage monochromatic illustrations pop out from the colorful background, which, along with its ornate typography, perfectly translates Brigaderia’s fun and irreverent identity.

Creative director: Gustavo Piqueira
Design: Gustavo Piqueira / Samia Jacintho
Assistant designer: Caroline Vapsys, Marianne Meni, Marcela Souza

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