56 - Ology-whiteGOLD
Category: Maintenance
Retailer: Walgreens
Country: United States
Agency: CBX

Increasing evidence shows that the chemicals included in everyday products could be contributing to children’s diseases and behavioral disorders. Until better regulations around product safety are adopted parents are left to bear the burden of protecting their children’s health by educating themselves and making conscious purchases.

Our challenge was to create a brand, which included the name, and ultimately design, that would need to communicate a “better for tomorrow” promise, which directly laddered up to the Walgreens Happy & Healthy strategy. It would need to be tight enough to hold together across the store, but flexible enough to compete within categories.

The solution was “Ology” – a differentiated private brand in the Walgreens portfolio that uses a uniquely human approach to design, custom structure and tone of voice to communicate its purpose of helping leave behind a healthier, happier world for our children and grandchildren. A strong brand mark pops on shelf contrasted by a human, custom type-driven graphic system and illustration style. The packaging is meant to appear as if it were handmade.

Ology includes baby care, laundry, cleaners, personal care, CFL bulbs and paper products. Endorsed by third-party Healthy Child, Healthy World, all product benefits are listed on the back panel. It allows concerned consumers to now have easier access to affordable and safer solutions.

Ology reflects a dedication to innovation, a constant drive to improve customers’ quality of life, and an ongoing commitment to help people get, stay and live well.


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