43 - Tesco Cereal Bars- RedesignGOLD
Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Tesco
Country: United Kingdom
Agency: P&W Design Consultants

Demand for cereal bars has grown rapidly as consumers seek healthier snacks to eat on the go. Breakfast cereal manufacturers have extended their brands and have established the category and the healthy positioning, which has been a major contributor to the growth of the area.

The brief was to rejuvenate the range by giving it a distinct personality – focusing on natural, healthy cues. Also to combine previously unassociated ranges like marshmallow snack bars and breakfast bars through design. The brief was answered by creating packs with a “bursting with taste” visual language that kept the overall feel friendly and energetic.

Differentiation by product type is achieved through blending natural background textures with punchy colors with a handcrafted typeface allowing each pack to have a bespoke look and feel, and typography and illustration styles tying it all together.

Each illustration has an emphasis on nature and farmland iconography that wrap around the entire pack creating depth and story to something that is two-dimensional. The mix of decorative and informative graphics gives the range originality and a sense of humor, introducing fun and light into this healthier range of snacks.

Creative Director, P&W Design Consultants: Simon Pemberton
Designer: Jack Bannerman

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