NOMA Advanced

  • RETAILER: Canadian Tire
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • CATEGORY: B2. Redesigned Brand
  • AGENCY: St. Joseph Communications Content Group


  • Agency: St. Joseph Communications Content Group
  • Designer (SJC): John Shanks
  • Creative Director (SJC): Dennis Benoit
  • Account Director (SJC): Bryan Raymond
  • Brand Manager (Canadian Tire): Crystal Caughill

The NOMA brand is Canadian Tire’s reference brand for electric lighting and home comfort, and NOMA Advanced was created to take the brand to the next level with a range of premium quality, innovative products. The brand’s design needed to reflect the elevated offering. It needed to evolve while maintaining some of its recognized and familiar equity. The tried-and-true clean architecture has been maintained while incorporating refinements in color palettes, font selection, technical illustration styles and iconography. Photography has a certain elegance yet it is spontaneous and minimally staged. This is a great example of a design evolving in step with the brand it represents.

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