Fresh Thyme Cereal

  • RETAILER: Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • CATEGORY: G3. Packaged Goods
  • AGENCY: The Creative Pack


  • Creative Director: Danielle Beal
  • Designer: Heather Storie
  • Project Manager: Fern Serna

The process began with determining how to translate the existing Fresh Thyme design into a cereal range that engages with kids. To stay true to brand recognition, the Fresh Thyme’s farm horizon, their iconic tractor, a color-coded sky that coordinates with the bold product title, and fun handcrafted 2D illustrations were all kept on the packaging. Though each cereal preserves the Fresh Thyme basic design elements, each product displays its own spin inspired by the cereals’ characteristics. The whimsical illustration component of the design truly helps in making the brand unique and recognizable. Illustrating the cereals versus capturing them photographically really differentiates the line – a design choice executed by very few.

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