HT Traders Pizza

  • RETAILER: Harris Teeter
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • CATEGORY: G4. Frozen
  • AGENCY: Daymon Creative Services
  • Agency: Harris Teeter & Daymon Creative Services
  • DCS Design Director: Felix Rosales
  • DCS Photographer: Autumn Underwood
  • Harris Teeter Advertising & Creative Services: Steve Kent/Kim Davis
SUMMARY: It’s Pizza so it should all be about the appetite appeal but the bigger solve was to communicate the story of where the product came from and give it a sense of authenticity. Every element we chose was designed to evoke a sense of authenticity like the retro-modern fonts along with the architectural elements that tie everything together. We also told the story by sharing the history of the product, integrated within the design, and the richness in the colors also allowed us to convey a mood and tonality in order to amplify the story.

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