Irrestibles Eggnog

  • RETAILER: Metro s.e.n.c.
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • CATEGORY: G6. Beverages: Non-Alcoholic
  • AGENCY: Pigeon Brands


  • Brand manager: Marie Horodecki-Aymes / Éric Gagnon
  • Photography: David DeStefano
  • Illustration: Jessie Ford
  • Art Director: Olivier Chevillot
  • Designer: Jessika Neal
  • Production direction: Phillipe Morin
  • Manager: Armelle Dubourg
  • Printer: Elopak
  • Pré-presse: Elopak

‘Neo-stalgia’ doesn’t cling to a style or an era: it draws its inspiration from the past. It’s a union of the new and the old. We chose to create a playful, vibrant and colorful design in a category known to be functional and traditional. The visual showcases the Holiday Season graphics common to all our products for the festive season, with a strong emphasis on the product flavor. The container with integrated spout makes it possible to keep serving until it’s time to open the next container.

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