Discount with a Purpose

  • COUNTRY: Denmark
  • CATEGORY: B2. Redesigned Brand
  • AGENCY: Everland
  • Design Lead: Pernille Dueholm
  • Client Director: Ronnie Erik Greve
  • Senior Project Manager: Kenneth Egeland Schou –
  • Strategy Director: Christian Halsted

Although price is important, REMA 1000 Denmark acknowledged that a good discount shouldn’t deprive the shopper of a good experience or undersell good products. The new packaging design is part of a complete rebranding of the Norwegian supermarket chain in Denmark. While highlighting the joy, optimism, transparency, and accessibility of the desired brand experience, the simple structure also creates a clear communication hierarchy that works on all sorts of products across categories. The design invites for greater interaction and seeks to engage the shopper while letting the price speak for itself. The use of photos, illustrations, and joyful colors make the design more dynamic and welcoming while clearly communicating the products’ benefits. All to cement REMA 1000’s purposeful discount position and catalyse their journey from price fighter to value for money.

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