Odds & Ends

RETAILER: Misfits Market
AGENCY: ThoughtMatter

Ian Swainson, VP Strategy & Business Development, Misfits Market Holly Eagleson, SVP Brand & Marketing, Misfits Market Kai Selterman, Chief Strategy Officer, Misfits Market Tim Suligan, Art Director, Misfits Market Rachel Benin, Senior Manager Merchandising, Misfits Market Morgan Drummond, Senior Director Private Label, Misfits Market Caroline Hatano, Senior Copywriter, Misfits Market Katie Johnsmeyer, Account Director, ThoughtMatter Ben Greengrass, Creative Director, ThoughtMatter Samantha Barbagiovanni, Design Director, ThoughtMatter EB May, Account Manager, ThoughtMatter Phillip Lauria, Strategy Director, ThoughtMatter

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