R Frozen Vegetables

AGENCY: Everland

Christian Halsted, Executive Strategy Director, Everland Mikael Tonning, Executive Design Director, Everland Silje Haukaas, Senior Client & Operations Manager, Everland Rikke Hatlo, Design Director, Everland  Frederik Sommer, Strategy Lead, Everland Mads Hauge Lindum, Senior Brand Strategist, Everland Lobber Levin, Senior Strategic Writer, Everland  Jonathan Faust, Design Director, Everland Linda Li Bergh, Senior Designer, Everland Camilla Lykaas, Designer, Everland Stine Griebel, Designer, Everland Molly Mellström, Designer, Everland Søren Rosenkrands Danielsen, Motion Designer, Everland Sofia Gullsten, Junior Designer, Everland  Martin Højer Kofoed, Senior Graphic Artworker, Everland Martin Hartung Junkerby, Photographer, Everland  Lis Christensen, Design Realisation Manager, Everland Kenneth Egeland Schou, Client Manager, Everland Alexander Freiling, Artwork Manager, Everland  Anita Grøsland Creative Artworker & Photographer, Everland Gitte Bojer, Senior Creative Artworker, Everland Kim Kansing, Senior Creative Artworker, Everland Henrik Jensen, Senior Technical Artworker, Everland Esben Haandsbæk Jensen, Creative Artworker & 3D Specialist, Everland Jonathan Lau Pedersen, Creative Artworker, Everland Dorthe Gerhard, Senior Creative Artworker, Everland  Hilde Hummelvold Jentoft, Head of Brands, REMA 1000

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