Over the last three years, the Vertex Awards have set the standard for Private Brand design globally and ushered in a new era of brand design focused on building brands as assets and creating solutions for customers. This year’s competition included more than 250 entries from 23 countries and 59 retailers. This year’s winners included the first ever entrants from South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia and Finland.

This year we will introduce the winners over the next week beginning with the Bronze awards today, then Tuesday the Silver, then Wednesday the Gold and finally culminating with the Publishers Choice and Best of Show on Thursday.

I would like to personally thank each of the judges for their commitment to the awards and passion for great design. This years competition brought our first ever judges from retail: Sarah Paskell – Walmart, David Ziegler-Voll – Trader Joe’s and Alan Chiatel – Massmart.

Take a look and you will discover outstanding design from all around the world. Retailers are playing to win and creating compelling customer-focused brands.

We would like to thank our esteemed panel of design experts from around the world who took their charge to heart and devoted their time and energy to selecting the best of the best: Rick Barrack, Maggie Bean, Danielle Beal, Sarah Paskell, David Ziegler-Voll, Paula Bunny, Don Childs, Maria Dubuc, Masanori Eto, Ruth Galloway, Paco Adin, Loe Limpens, Angelo Morano, Glenn Pfeifer, Alan Chaitel, Fred Richards, ZHOU Wenjun and Adrian Whitefoord.

Qualifying designs must have been introduced in-store between November 2014 and November 2015. Judges scored each entry on five criteria: design, information architecture, originality, structure, and x-factor. An overall numeric score was then assigned to each entry. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were awarded based on the numeric score, as a result, there are some multiple winners at a given level.

The scoring system was developed to reward the best Private Brand package design in the world, not mediocrity. To protect the integrity of the process, judges were not allowed to vote on work by their own agency. All voting was done online and votes were collected and tabulated independently, by VOCCII. This competition has been a labor of love. We know you will find inspiration in the winners and we hope to see your entry next year.

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