Category: Redesigned Brand
Retailer: Fresh Market
Country: USA
Agency: The Fresh Market

Our direction for this redesign was to create a simple, updated, easy to read label. Our old breadcrumb packaging used a script for the item name, which was hard to read on shelf. Shoppers also had trouble differentiating between the different breadcrumb offerings. It was with these items in mind we created the redesign of TFM breadcrumb packaging. We picked a nice clean legible sans serif and distinct colors that carry throughout the pdp to help shoppers differentiate the types of breadcrumbs. TFM views bread crumbs as staples of the kitchen, so we went with the kitchen utensil imagery to reinforce the idea that breadcrumbs are just another tool in cooking.

Senior Category Manager – Private Label: Jennifer Oas
Designer: Alex Blake
Designer: Andy Kurtts
Production: SGS63-Fresh-Market-Bread-Crumbs-Redesign2

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