Seven years ago, we could never have imagined the impact that the Vertex Awards would have on private brands globally. This year’s record-setting class of entrants is evidence of not only Vertex’s influence on design but strategy. We have pushed retailers, agencies, and manufacturers to explore the boundaries of private brand, to move beyond the expected and create brands, and package design that genuinely differentiates.

This year’s competition included more than 400 entries from 27 countries and 49 retailers. You will discover outstanding designs that retailers are using to win. Private brands have moved from mimicry and fast following to trendsetting branding and design.

As in prior years, we will announce the winners day by day during the coming week.

I want to thank this year’s panels of 18 judges, which includes design luminaries from nine countries: Paco Adin, Danielle Beal, Paula Bunny, Connie Cao, Chris Cheung, Charlene Codner, Steven Cox, Maria Dubuc, Michael Duffy, Guillermo Dufranc, Masanori Eto, Loe Limpens, Todd Maute, Fred Richards, Tatiana Ryfer, Jens Sievert, Nick Vaus, and ZHOU Wenjun. This year several winners from the last four years have agreed to join the jury.

I want to thank market research firm VOCCII for once again partnering with us on the awards. Their diligence and integrity ensure the integrity of the voting process.

In this year of COVID-19, we have had to quickly evolve and reinvent, which resulted in the cancellation of both of our planned Vertex Awards celebrations in Amsterdam and at the Velocity conference in the United States.

To celebrate this year, we will host a Vertex Awards content track as a part of the expanded Velocity Global Virtual Conference. The track will feature presentations and interviews with this year’s winners from around the world.

This competition has been a labor of love. We know you will find inspiration in the winners, and we hope to see your entry next year.

Christopher Durham
President, My Private Brand

Phillip Russo
Publisher, Global Retail Brands

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