45-Pams-flour-1-600x332BEST OF SHOW & GOLD
Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd
Country: New Zealand
Agency: Brother Design Ltd

From amidst the scattered flour and delicious smell of cookies and muffins baking, comes the rewarding satisfaction of home baking, shared by many a generation.

The Pam’s Private Label flour range captures this sense of baking nostalgia with familiar baking icons and charming fabrics woven from another time of wisdom and practicality.

Just like good bread, these packs are wonderfully wholesome. Bold type lovingly handcrafted to imperfection, natural colors and a good spoonful of modern utilitarian chic in the form of typewriter fonts and letterpress simplicity. A refreshing and delightful take on a basic everyday item.

Creative Lead / Designer: Paula Bunny


Brother Design Ltd

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