David Ziegler-Voll
Senior Package Designer, Trader Joes
Boston, United States

What trends do you see emerging in this year’s entries?
One obvious trend emerging from this year’s entries, as well as private label in general, is the incorporation of hand drawn elements and type. Many of the entries submitted included tertiary illustrations that supported the product’s story without encumbering the design with visual overload. If properly executed hand crafted elements can evoke such emotions as trust and the human-touch; they can also visually convey hot trends such as local, artisanal and small-batch.

How does looking at the entries from around the world impact your perspective on design and brand? Do you see global trends making their way into your own work?
As an American designer (designing for an American audience) I think there is a natural curiosity about how designers abroad approach their work. While it’s vital to nurture that curiosity there is also a responsibility to be mindful of the cultural attitudes of one’s audience; however, the fluid nature of cultural shifts always leaves room for experimentation and I see that reflected in this year’s entries as well as my own work.385 – Pams-Honey-Group

Which entry (excluding any you may be personally involved in) is your favorite?
I was very excited about all of the entries from Pams. I thought they did an amazing job creating private label designs that, as a customer, I would want to pick up and look at—and probably purchase. The designs are fun, playful and tell a complete story in less than three seconds. But the most compelling feat is that across the range of private label products submitted there is a cohesiveness to the designs that is uniquely and instantly recognizable as Pams.

What most concerns you about the future of private brand?
Another trend I have recently noticed within private brand is a departure from implementing a strict brand book for a range of products. It might’ve been in the past a retailer would have a logo, select typefaces, a color-coded legend and one photo or illustration style for all of their private label. More and more I am seeing retailers deviate from this strategy instead opting to give products a singular voice. The only problem is there is the potential for subtracting the retailer’s brand out of the equation. Successful private brands still speak the language of the brand. I think Pams is a great example of how this can be achieved.

What most excites you about the future of private brand?
What concerns me about private brand also excites me. With consumers becoming more and more concerned with where their products are sourced or manufactured, I see designers solving this problem by getting away from the cookie-cutter approach to private brand. I see a new frontier of creativity invigorating private brand in a way that is very new and very exciting.

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