CATEGORY: Redesigned Brand

Lisa Barrett – Branding & Packaging Manager, Brand & Product Development, Meijer Ben Hamlin, Director, Own Brands, Meijer Calli Schmid – Vice President, Grocery, Meijer Amanda McVay – Group Vice President, Customer Strategy & Marketing, Meijer  Barbara Kimball Walker, Creative Director, SGK Jason Rosenberg, Creative Director, SGK Marcia Stevens, Director of Operations Creative, SGK Sam Hamman, Sr Client Manager, SGK Mallory Justak, Client Director, SGK Emily Wright, Client Director, Equator Jenny Calme, Sr Client Coordinator, SGK Natalie Peterson, Sr Client Coordinator, SGK John Shively, Associate Creative Director, SGK Jacquie Timm, Design Director, SGK Marcia Dudkiewicz, Sr Designer, SGK Ryan Spencer, Sr Designer, SGK Matthew Travis, Designer, SGK Jared Eckley- Designer, SGK Jaylynn Mittig, Designer, SGK Ainsley Bennett, Sr Designer, Equator Vincci Fung, Sr Designer, Equator Damien Thompson, Photo Studio Director, Equator Jose Becerra, Photographer, Equator

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