Boosting Bio+

BRAND: Superunie B.A BIO+

RETAILER:  PLUS, Boni, BOON, COOP, POIESZ, Jan Linders, Nettorama, Detailresult Group, Sligro, Hoogvliet, Vomar, Spar.

COUNTRY: Netherlands

CATEGORY: Organic and Natural food

AGENCY: SGK – Amsterdam


  • Toon van Dijk – Business Unit Manager, Superunie B.A
  • Marloes Groos – Product Manager Bio+, Superunie B.A
  • Marcel Verhaaf – Executive Creative Director, SGK Amsterdam
  • Arthur Brandenburg van den Gronden – VP Design Strategy & Growth
  • Sandra Wiggers – Design Director, SGK Amsterdam
  • Carmel Klein – Designer, SGK Amsterdam
  • Patrícia Pereira – Designer, SGK Amsterdam
  • Monique Linders – Senior Account Director, SGK Amsterdam
  • Simone Bergman – Senior Account Director, S4GK Amsterdam
  • (Adaptive roll-out completed in partnership with Mountain Design)

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