Bowl & Basket Specialty Kettle Chips

Private Brand: Bowl & Basket Specialty
Retailer: Wakefern Banners
Country: United States
Category: G3. Packaged Goods
Agency: Pearlfisher/ SGS Co.


Laura Kind, VP Brand Strategy, Wakefern
Glenn Pfeifer, Design Mgr. Wakefern
Design Team, Pearlfisher
Production Team, SGS Co.


As Wakefern embarked upon re-imagining all aspects of our private brand portfolio, we knew our food brand needed to be extra special and memorable. It needed to move from blending in to standing out.  Our banners were already well known pillars of their communities – and our new brand needed to reflect that sense of community – and of sharing. Bowl & Basket is food that brings people together and creates memories for our shoppers and their families. It is a brand that celebrates the diversity and deliciousness of all our products, the care that went into making them, and their ability to bring people together.

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