Today I am excited to reveal the winners of the inaugural edition of the international Private Brand design competition, the Vertex Awards. For the last six months the competition has been a labor for Phillip Russo the publisher of Global Retail Brands magazine and myself. The results are a truly exciting class of some of the best brand design in the world. The results are also featured in a special print edition of Global Retail Brands as well as the magazine website and the competition website.

Vertex, noun: the highest point of something; apex or summit.

We chose the name because it exemplified our vision for the competition and our hope for Private Brand, and the response from the private brand community has been overwhelming. With more than 120 entries from 11 countries and 30 retailers, the quality of work is amazing. Our goal from the very beginning was to push the industry forward and set a new standard for the recognition of superior design and great retailer-owned brands.

The winners show we are well on our way to that goal. Take a look and you will discover outstanding design from all around the world. I would like to thank our esteemed panel of design experts from around the world who took their charge to heart and devoted their time and energy to selecting the best of the best: Daniel Bray, Gustavo Piqueira, Adrian Whitefoord, David Léonard, Koen de Jong, Paula Bunny, Nacho Lavernia, Rick Barrack, Steve Kazanjian and Glenn Pfeifer.

For a design to qualify, it must have been introduced in-store between November 2012 and November 2013. Judges scored each entry on five criteria: design, information architecture, originality, structure, and x-factor. An overall numeric score was then assigned to each entry. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were then given based on the numeric score, so if five entries each earned enough points to qualify at the gold level in a given category, all five received the Gold Award (likewise for Silver and Bronze). As a result, there are some multiple winners at a given level. The scoring system was developed to reward the best Private Brand package design in the world, not mediocrity. To protect the integrity of the process, judges were not allowed to vote on work by their own agency. All voting was done online and votes were collected and tabulated independently, by Fuel Insights.

I would also like to thank our sponsors who have graciously supported the Vertex Awards: Galileo Global Branding, our Diamond Sponsor and P&W Design Consultants, Theory House and Fuel Insights.

Christopher Durham
Founder, My Private Brand

Phillip Russo
Publisher, Global Retail Brands

11 - Anto - CasaRex_Anto1PUBLISHER’S CHOICE & GOLD
Category: Packaged Goods
Retailer: IFW
Country: Italy
Agency: Casa Rex
Package design has a tendency to be very predictable with layouts and shapes that follow traditional standards. Private brand package design tends to be even more predictable with far too many retailers either continuing to copy national brands or simply copying their retail competitors. Italian retailer IFW’s ANTO’ adopts the traditional conventions and makes them beautiful. They have adopted a style and grace that is ownable and unique, and ultimately made them one of the Gold Vertex award winners in the Packaged Goods category. That style and grace made them a stand out brands and our Publisher’s Choice winner.

The objective here was to renew Anto’s visual, creating a more contemporary packaging without losing its Neapolitan identity.

The brand lost its previous bland yellow color and now reveals its true Neapolitan essence through vibrant illustrations depicting its natural ingredients, which are playfully scattered across the bay of Naples. The new visual is combined with a new color palette and calligraphic signature – incorporating its traditional aspects with fresh new artisanal touches.

This blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics gave Anto’s a unique and sophisticated identity that truly captures the spirit of its Neapolitan authenticity as well as premium quality.

Creative Director: Gustavo Piqueira
Design: Gustavo Piqueira, Samia Jacintho, Ingrid Lafalce
Assistant Designers: Lilian Meireles11 - Anto - CasaRex_Anto3

11 - Anto - CasaRex_Anto2


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